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Government Of Assam Panchayat & Rural Development

Gram Sabha: Participation of Community

    What is Gaon Sabha?

    The Assam Panchayat Act provides for a Gaon Sabha (constitutional equivalent of Gram Sabha) for every Gaon Panchayat area consisting of persons registered in the electoral rolls of the area.

    The meeting of the Gram Sabha shall be convened by the Secretary of the Gaon Panchayat with due approval of the President of the Gaon Panchayat and in consultation with the Block Development Officer concerned provided wide publicity is given fifteen days ahead of the date for holding the Gaon Sabha meetings.

    The Gaon Sabha shall consider the following matters and make recommendation and suggestion to the Gaon Panchayat:

    • The report in respect of Development Programme of the Gaon Panchayat relating to the proceeding year and the development programme proposed to be undertaken during the current year.
    • The promotion of unity and harmony among all sections of society in the village.
    • Such other matters as may be prescribed.
    • The Gaon Panchayat shall give due consideration to the recommendations and suggestions of the Gram Sabha.

    When does Gaon Sabha take place?

    The Gaon Sabha shall meet from time to time, but a period of three months shall not intervene any two meetings.

    Who can take part in Gaon Sabha?

    The Gaon Sabha shall consist of persons registered in electoral rolls relating to a village or group of villages comprised within the area of the Gaon Panchayat.

    Whom to contact?

    To know more about Gaon Sabha schedules you may contact the Gaon Panchayat Secretary or Gaon Panchayat President or any elected Gaon Panchayat Member.


    1. The quorum of a meeting of Gaon Sabha shall be one-tenth of the total members or one-hundred number of voters of the village/villages whichever is less.
    2. If at the time of appointment for meeting, a quorum is not present, the presiding authority shall wait for thirty minutes and if within such period, there shall be no quorum the presiding authority shall adjourn the meeting to same day of the following week or any other date or time which shall not be less than twenty-four hours and more than seven days.


    Any resolution to the matter entrusted to the Gaon Sabha under The Assam Panchayat Act, 1994, shall have to passed by a majority of votes of the members present.


    The Gaon Sabha shall perform the following functions:

    1. Mobilising voluntary labour and contribution in kind and cash for the Community Welfare Programmes.
    2. Identification of beneficiaries for the implementation of development schemes pertaining to the villages.
    3. Rendering all kind of assistance in the implementation of development schemes pertaining to villages and rendering services in the villages.
    4. The President, Vice-President and the members of the Gaon Panchayat/Anchalik Panchayat shall not be entitled for any sitting allowance for attending the Gaon Sabha.
Empowering Gram Sabha