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Government Of Assam Panchayat & Rural Development

Mahatma Gandhi NREGA

  • Objective

    The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) aims at enhancing the livelihood security of the people in rural areas by guaranteeing hundred days of wage employment in a financial year, to a rural household whose members volunteer to do unskilled manual work.
    In Assam, MGNREGA was introduced in the state in 2006-07 in 7 districts as the first phase. The coverage was extended to 6 more districts in the 2nd phase that is in 2007-08 and since 2008-09 all 27 are being covered under the programme.

    Who is eligible to work?

    All adult members (18 years and above) of any family residing in Rural India and willing to do manual unskilled work.

    Achievement of MGNREGA in Assam

    Financial Year Expenditure
    (Rs. In Cr)
    HH provided employment (in Lakh) Man days generated
    (In Lakh)
    Avg Man days HH completed 100 days
    (in Nos.)
    2013-14 700.46 12.62 299.17 23.70 15784
    2014-15 502.89 9.67 210.87 21.81 10449
    2015-16 637.56 15.13 495.11 32.73 45780
    2016-17 (as on 19th May 2016) 361.77 2.21 33.89 15.31 120
    Total 2202.68 39.63 1039.04   72133
    • About 135125 numbers of Assets have been created under MGNREGA in different sectors.
    • 100% payment under MGNREGA has been made through electronic fund management system. P&RD is the only Department which is using digital signature for transaction of fund.
    • Social Audit conducted through SIRD in all the districts covering all the schemes of P&RD Department. by mobilizing more than 10,000 volunteers. The Social Audit conducted during the year 2013-14 is a unique and unprecedented public auditing approach in the whole Country.
    • Mobile base Monitoring System: Mobile Monitoring System has been introduced in Assam under MGNREGA from 2015-16. By using this mobile application we can capture demand, allocate works, take attendance, upload MB book etc under MGNREGA. All the reports have been placed under public domain and can be accessed by the people.
    • Wage rate has been enhanced from Rs. 179.00 to 182.00 for unskilled laboures in 2016-17.
    • The approved Labour Budget for the financial year 2016-17 is 408 lakh persondays.
    • 36% women have been provided job under MGNREGA.
    • Morigaon district has received National Award for effective implementation of MGNREGA in 2014-15.
    • Khetri Gram Panchayat has received National Award for effective implementation of MGNREGA in 2015-16.
    • Dibrugarh District Administration has registered Nation Record under Limca Book of Record by planting 22,084 roadside saplings on either side of the 56.3 km road in 22 minutes on 7th July 2015.
    • Bongaigaon and Kokrajhar districts two records have been registered under Guinness Book of record for plantation under MGNREGA.

    Focus Areas in FY 2016-17

    A meeting recently held at New Delhi, the Empowered Committee of MGNREGA has approved focus areas under MGNREGA: 2016-17 for Assam. The areas are Construction of Farm Pond , Construction of IHHLs, Construction of AWC Buildings, Construction of Vermi compost Tanks, Plantation and Paver’s Block Road. Against these focus areas district wise target has also been laid down.

    Sl No Focus Area Target- Works to be taken up and completed in FY 2016-17 Unit cost of each work
    (Rs. In lakh)
    1 Construction of Farm Pond (All India Target- 5 Lakh 13239 nos. 5 Lakh
    2 Construction of IHHLs (All India Target- 50 Lakh) 222733 nos. 0.12 lakh
    3 Construction of AWC Buildings (All India Target- 50,000 Nos.) 5884 nos. 6.50 lakh (5 lakh MGNREGA & 1.50 lakh from the concerned department)
    4 Construction of Vermi/Nadep compost Tanks (All India Target- 10 lakh) 19006 nos. 0.80 lakh
    5 Roadside Plantation 10,000 km 5 lakh
    6 Paver’s Block Road Approx 2600 Km (one road against each GP/VCDC/VDC) 40 lakh per Km

    Whom to contact?

    Gaon Panchayat Development Block District State
    Gaon Panchayat Secretary Block Development Officer. Project Director,
    District Rural Development Agency
    Joint Director & State Nodal Officer (MGNREGA),
    Office of Commissioner,
    Panchayat & Rural Development Department.

    Online Data

    NREGASoft is the online PIMS used for manage MGNREGA. Every single event both physical and financial are captured in NREGASoft. Click here to go to NREGASoft


    Click here to download guideline