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Government Of Assam Panchayat & Rural Development

E-Governance Initiatives

Objectives of an e-Panchayat initiative is to strengthen e-Governance in Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) in the State and build associated capacities of the PRIs for effective


Captures receipt & expenditure details through voucher entries and automatically generates cash book, registers, utilization certificates etc.Website: http://accountingonline.gov.in

National Panchayat Portal (NPP)

Dynamic Website for each Panchayat to share information in public domain.

Website: http://panchayatportals.gov.in

Local Government Directory (LGD)

Provides the information regarding local governments in public domain.

Website: http://lgdirectory.gov.in


Assists Panchayats in preparation of Annual Action Plans (GPDP).Also includes separate dashboards for monitoring preparation and implementation of GPDP and &progress of release and utilization of FFC funds.

Website: http://planningonline.gov.in


Facilitates monitoring of physical & financial outcomes/outputs under various programmes.

Website: http://reportingonline.gov.in

Area Profiler

Captures geographic, demographic, infrastructural, socio-economic and natural resources profile of a village/panchayat.

Website: http://areaprofiler.gov.in

National Asset Directory (NAD)

Captures details of assets created/ maintained; helps avoid duplication of works and provide for O&M Asset has also been introduced.

Website: http://assetdirectory.gov.in